Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a question, but I’m not sure whom to call?
During your orientation to the Unity Church family, you may have questions, or perhaps you’ll just need a friend. Membership Services is available to assist you with just about any need you have, and if we can’t answer your question, we will put you in touch with the person who can. Membership Services is responsible for getting you connected to The Unity Church by guiding you through the membership process during the early stages of membership.

Okay, so I took the first step and joined The Unity Church family. What’s next?

After you’ve submitted your Membership Information form, the first thing you should do is enroll in the next available New Membership Class. Upon completion of the New Membership, we recommend you:
  • Join or volunteer within the ministry (Hospitality, Praise Team, Outreach, Media & Tech Team, ect…)
  • Impact our community and world by participating in an outreach project with the Outreach and Evangelism ministry.
Who do I notify if I change my name, address, or phone number?

It is so important that we are able to stay in touch with you. If any of your contact information changes, please complete a new information card and return it to the Administration office or place it in the offering receptacle.

How do I become involved in the different ministries offered here at the Unity Church?

Upon completion of the New Membership Class, if you are interested in becoming involved in a ministry, you can speak with the ministry leader. So feel free to talk to any ministry leader to express your interest, or to obtain additional information.

Does the church offer counseling?

As part of our ministry, we provide you with a 90 day transformational strategy that will change your destiny and help you find your purpose in life. If you still need counseling after competition of this course, you may contact the Administration office at (912) 342-7484 and set an appointment with Pastor Dickerson and First Lady. *Disclaimer: We are not licensed counselors . 

Who do I contact if I am hospitalized, or there is a death in my family?
In the case of death, illness or hospitalization, please contact The Unity Church Administration office at (912) 342-7484.

How Can I contact the Pastor?
If you like to send a personal message to Pastor Dickerson, or schedule an appointment, you may contact the Administration Office at (912) 342-7484. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Remember, Membership Services will be your link to getting acclimated into the Unity Church family! If you have any concerns or need information, please feel free to contact the office of Administration at (912) 342-7484.